A horse, a guitar and a poncho

  • Posted on: novembre 11, 2015
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“A horse, a guitar and a poncho, a romantic view wild and endless, which awakes memories of faraway lands of days gone by. Men who fought against nature, men who over cross other obstacles with their hart strength, they were so strong to overcome them.

catalogo-abbigliamento-invernale-donnaEven so when the night felt on their faces, of those adventurers, there was a note of nostalgia that they hugged and embraced with the same, warm alpaca wool poncho which still had their home smell…”
With this representation I introduce to you the company of ethnics clothing “La Mamita” born out of a common dream of people that with real emotion literarily live each model.
Their activity is a conscious decision of a life style passionate and creative.
“La Mamita” brings us the almost lost beauty of handcrafted work, what could be more evocative than a poncho that reminds the work of handcrafters from South America?
On the web site LaMamita one can find Alpaca wool ponchos from the best quality, handmade.
The best interest is giving to the work of the Italian stylists from this wonderful handcrafting company the best interest and moreover to the poncho models inspired from the old ones. They can be either from Mexico, Peru and the latest one’s from Texas, not the less important.
Thinking in the woollen poncho, while I was on the net, I found with little effort and some luck the web site of e-commerce of ethnic clothes, where we can see the poncho in all it’s forms and variations.
Delicious alpaca ponchos, which are in wool turtleneck, high collar, rectangular, triangular, coloured or with only one tinted. Ending up with the newest edition of ponchos with sleeves. Well what else to say, more ideas means more possibilities. That is why it is so incredible to see how the ancient incite today’s fashion and the fact that the beauty of the first one gives the promises of the second.
This come back from the old poncho, as a never forgotten cloth, comes back to fashion with the ethnic modern secret of the designers of “La Mamita”.

From this months you can also follow LaMamita on the new page of LaMamita Ethnic Wear.